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Building your own home starts with a dream, a location, and finally, a house plan! Shopping online has made it easier, faster, and more affordable to purchase these blueprints because thousands are available just a few clicks away. All of the home plans we offer meet strict standards—they are code compliant, include all the necessary structural details, and are ready for your builder—so you can search knowing whichever you choose, it’ll make a great place to live!

We recommend determining the square footage of your new home first and then adding your other requirements, like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. This way, it’s easier to ensure that you find a floor plan that works with your budget. If you have lot restrictions, don’t forget to input that information as well.

Our Advanced Search can really help narrow down all the options, but if you’d prefer personal assistance, please email, live chat, or call us at (888) 795-6803 to be put in touch with one of our seasoned house plan specialists.


Use our Advanced House Plan Search to quickly zero in on the specific homes that suit you. The general search query above will give you a broader selection of plans if you want to explore more options. Some customers prefer this route because online house plans are easy to modify and they can carefully consider the benefits of a variety of homes. If you’re sure you know exactly what you want, fill out the Advanced Search criteria below.

If you check too many boxes, you might find that no house plan meets all of your requirements. It’s important to keep an open mind and be flexible with this tool, again, because these blueprints are easily modified. Extra garage bays, outdoor living spaces, and most interior features are straightforward modifications. Structurally dictated features, like split bedrooms and those that address certain lot characteristics, are much more important to check. Also, don’t automatically rule out homes by their number of bedrooms—you’ll find that many plans have offices or flex spaces that could function as bedrooms if you prefer. It’s definitely worth the time to consider a variety of house designs so you can find—and perhaps customize—the perfect one.

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To view examples of our different house plan collections, visit our Specialty House Plan Collections page.

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Still unsure? We’re here to help! To be put in contact with a home plan specialist, please live chat, email or call us at (888) 795-6803. We will answer questions, assist in finding house plans, and help with modifications. Every single one of our house plans can be customized for your needs, so you can also just fill out the modification form on the page of the plan you’re interested in and we’ll provide a free estimate in a few days. Happy house hunting!

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