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Blueprint Information

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Once you find the home of your dreams, you have to decide which plan package to purchase. The House Designers offers a variety of blueprint packages to suit different needs—everything from 1 set, also known as a study set, to CAD disks. You can see which packages are available on each house plan by clicking on the 'select plan package' drop-down menu or 'purchase' button.

If you are certain that you've found the house you want to build, we recommend purchasing at least 5 sets of blueprints so you will have enough to get through the building process. In addition to a set for yourself, you will need to give a set to your builder, mortgage lender, local building department, and any subcontractors who need one. Alternatively, you can purchase a PDF set, if available. This provides you with an emailed PDF file of the plans and a license to print as many copies as you need.

If you will be making modifications to your house plans, consider purchasing a reproducible. A reproducible set gives an architect, builder, or other construction professional the ability to make changes to the drawings without having to redraw the house plans. Reproducibles can be found as physical vellums or digital CAD files.

Our stock house plans are designed to meet or exceed national building standards set forth by the IRC (International Residential Code). Modifications might be necessary to meet local building codes. Please check with a local architect, builder, or other construction professional in regards to your local building codes.
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